Kirschlorbeer 'Etna'


8,95 €


6,95 € (ab 90,00 € Bestellwert versandkostenfrei)

ca. 30 - 40 cm
Im 3 Liter Container
Januar bis Dezember
je eine Pflanze
sehr dicht
ganzjährig, bei frostfreiem Boden
Blattaustrieb bronze, später dunkelgrün glänzend, immergrün
Mai bis Mai
weiße Blütenrispen
normaler Gartenboden
sonnig bis schattig
gut schnittverträglich, 1x jährlich
mehrjährig, winterhart
Hecke, Einzelstellung, Gruppe
aufrecht, gut verzweigt, sehr dicht
100 cm bis 200 cm
60 cm bis 100 cm
10-30 cm/Jahr
pro lfd. Meter werden 3 Pflanzen benötigt

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I\'m looking foarrwd to participating in the project from the standpoint of a city apartment dweller; so I\'ll read the ecology stuff for sure and at least skim the appropriate tech. Unfortunately, I don\'t really have much of a way to get my hands dirty at this point though. I chose to move to a relatively expensive condo development (renting) to be 3 blocks from my work and to experiment with living in a relatively small space (600sqft) for two people. The building itself is incredibly efficient and I really don\'t have to drive my car other than for big/heavy/long errands. My appropriate tech effort right now is learning to cook from scratch with farmer\'s market foods and minimal gadgets and changing my mindset about needs (clothes, tech, etc.)...and staying healthy...mentally and physically, while everything around crumbles bit by bit.At some point (<2 years) I\'d like to find a job in a more rural part of the country, but for now, I\'m going to live as best I can while minimizing my carbon feet in the city. Living in a small(er) space now should also help if/when we get a chance to head to a smaller town, though it will in no way prepare me for the cultural dynamics... Still, I see building and living in a super-insulated, low-tech 500 sqft cabin as a nice next step towards more redundant sufficiency (along with a larger barn/work area and garden room). I\'d do that now, but unfortunately, land anywhere near where I currently work is still over $100K for anything decent and would entail a 1.5hr commute, so that dream is a little ways away. There are places where I could afford to buy a more standard home to retrofit, but again, commute time...and then there\'s the likelihood of further RE collapse and not wanting that albatross of debt...So, for now I have to live in the skin I inhabit and see what comes, but I\'ll still enjoy learning through others and playing house so to speak ;) Maybe I\'ll find another way to get involved; habitat for humanity, or something else to build practical skills (pun intended).And yes, I do have a bit of me that fears the feral aspects of city if the Long Descent has a couple unexpected and rather abrupt dropoffs, but all life involves risks I guess. [url=]clnukkiyxuu[/url] [link=]ecgfvdu[/link]


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